NMN, the popular and sought-after anti-aging product, how to choose?

From The Elite Circle To The Homes Of The People

How Popular Is NMN, An Novel “Anti-Aging” Ingredient?

Anti-aging, has been the pursuit of humanity since ancient times. The wealthy and powerful have always been at the forefront of anti-aging, they are often willing to spend thousands of dollars to try different innovative life extension methods, in the hopes to keep sickness and aging at bay.

In recent years, NMN as an ingredient that has been scientifically proven to effectively delay aging, has become popular amongst wealthy businessmen and celebrities, such as Li Ka-Shing, Buffett, Pan Shi-Yi, and many other bigwigs. In addition, David Sinclair, director of Harvard University’s Centre of Aging, along with pop divas such as Madonna and Rihanna are also supporters of NMN.

When people’s living standards and health awareness continue to improve, this ‘anti-aging’ whirlwind has slowly trickled down from the upper class to ordinary people’s homes. In the past, ordinary consumers knew little about NMN; but now, NMN is frequently sold on major e-commerce platforms, and the market has ushered explosive growth.

Driven by the market growth, more and more NMN brands and products have surfaced. In this regards, from what angles should we consider in order to select high-quality NMN products? Follow TIMESHOP in this article to find out!

1. Purity?

The most important criteria when searching for NMN products is, purity.

NMN purity generally refers the percentage of NMN content in the NMN raw material (some may contain different levels of impurities). The lower the purity, the more impurities there are in the NMN product, which can affect its effectiveness and absorption. The higher the purity, the better and more effective. A high purity of NMN determines a high conversion rate to NAD+, which can subsequently effectively raise NAD+ levels in the body, and activate Sirtuins (longevity proteins).

The purity of NMN products in the market ranges from 70% to over 99%. Consumers should choose carefully, to ensure oral effectiveness, it is recommended to give preference to products with a purity of greater than or equal to 99.9%, where the purity content has been tested and certified by authoritative institutions.

2. Production Process?

The purity of NMN products is related to their production/extraction processes.

Common NMN products in the market are produced by the following processes:

Chemical Synthesis:This process uses organic solvent, which are prone to compound and chemical residues.

Fermentation: There are many impurities in the fermentation process, therefore multiple purification steps are required to obtain a higher purity of NMN, this can affect the cost and purity.

Biological enzyme-directed synthesis: In the whole production process, biological enzymes are used as catalysts, maximizing the physiological environment and ensuring the most green and natural production. No chemical substances are used, therefore this process will not produce any harmful residues such as heavy metals.

Relatively speaking, biological enzyme-directed synthesis creates a more advanced and safe NMN production process. However this process requires high technology hardware foundation, therefore only top, cutting-edge enterprises in the industry can afford such production conditions.

3. Safety?

The safety of nutritional supplements is very important! Under normal circumstances, products with internationally recognized authoritative certifications (such as GRAS, GMP, CTI and other world-renowned safety certifications) are more trusty-worthy.

These certification authorities monitor pharmaceutical, food and other production enterprises to have good manufacturing processes, equipment, and quality control, to ensure that the quality of the final products meet regulatory requirements. Strong qualifications of the production plant guarantees product quality.

TIMESHOP NMN series has been certified by multiple authoritative organisations△


4. Tablets or Capsules?

When selecting NMN products, is it better to take tablets or capsules? What is the difference in effectiveness between the two? Let’s take a look at the following comparisons:

1. Hygienic/Safety

 × NMN tablets are fragile and can easily leave powder residues in the bottle, hygiene and safety will be affected.

 √  NMN and other ingredients are sealed in the capsule, no need to worry about residues or other problems such as interactions.

2. Bioavailability

 × NMN tablets may begin to digest, decompose and dissolve in stomach acid, changing its structure.

 √ The capsules seals ingredients in the shell, improving its stability and bioavailability, where the active ingredient can be preserved and absorbed into the body.

Overall, when consumers are selecting NMN products, capsule dosage form is more recommended as its safety and efficacy are more guaranteed.

5. Price?

The price of NMN products in the market vary greatly, some products are set at a very high price, at thousands, or even tens of thousands dollars, this is equivalent of spending hundreds to thousands for daily supplementation. This is obviously beyond the purchasing power of ordinary consumers.

Even if there is a need for daily NMN supplementation, we should pay a reasonable price to ensure that the cost does not become a “burden” to daily life.

According to human safety study report on NMN, the highest safe tested dosage can be up to 2000mg/day, where the recommended dosage is within 1000mg/day (2-5 capsules, 200mg/capsule). Comprehensive clinical data shows that 600mg/day results in the greatest effect, but considering the difference in age and other individual differences, you can consult a professional health consultant for your personal dosage.

We should pay attention to the content of NMN products. We should select cost-effective products whilst ensuring sufficient daily NMN intake.

On the road to pursue health and longevity, the right selection of suitable NMN products can give you twice the results, with half the effort!

However, when buying and using any dietary supplements, we must be very cautious and seek advice from a health/nutritional professional. At the same times, it is also essential to pay attention to factors such as brand reputation, composition and adaptation.

We want to help every anti-aging enthusiasts succeed on the road to health and longevity!

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