TIMESHOP Was Awarded CAPTIAL 2023 Anti-Aging Innovative Technology Brand Award

TIMESHOP Was Awarded

CAPITAL 2023 Anti-Aging Innovative Technology Brand Award

On August 15, 2023, the “Service and Innovative Products Awards 2023” award ceremony hosted by Hong Kong’s infamous media platform, “CAPITAL”, opened grandly at the 56th floor of Shangri-La Hotel.

TIMESHOP was awarded the “CAPITAL Service & Innovative Product Awards 2023 – Anti-Aging Innovative Technology Brand Award”.

Co-founder EMILY, representing TIMESHOP, was invited to receive this significant honour.

Left: EMILY, co-founder of TIMESHOP; Right: Mr Fang Baoqiao, founding president of Hong Kong Interactive Market Chamber of Commerce

1. Highly Recogized Industry Benchmark

Well-deserved Anti-Aging Innovative Technology Brand Award

Hong Kong’s “CAPITAL” magazine was founded in 1987 and has been committed to providing in-depth reports and analysis of the economy, industry, finance, and business strategies since. It continues to provide valuable guidance shaping many decisions of the Hong Kong economy, business and life fields.

“CAPITAL Service & Innovative Product Awards 2023 – Anti-Aging Innovative Technology Brand Award” was voted by a board composed of the editorial members of CAPITAL magazine, relevant professionals, readers, and uses the major categories of products, services, and innovation as the judging criteria.

TIMESHOP stood out from the crowd of many anti-aging brands with this honour – the highest recognition of our unremitting pursuit of innovation and excellence in anti-aging solutions.

2. Scientific Research & Innovation

Committed to Exploring Endless Possibilities

TIMESHOP Co-founder EMILY’s Acceptance Speech

” I am very grateful to CAPITAL for awarding the “Anti-Aging Innovative Technology Brand Award” to TIMESHOP. Our scientific research team continues to explore the depths of health and aging – keeping up with international cutting-edge scientific researches, exploring global high-quality raw materials, and committed to the innovative development of high-quality anti-aging products.

As a start-up brand, we are constantly learning and accumulating experiences, never forgetting our aspirations, persisting on producing high-standard, high-quality, and cost-effective health products. We have achieved good results so far in various online e-commerce platforms in Mainland China and offline platforms in Hong Kong – ranking top sales across multiple nutritional categories.

Adhering to our motto, “using the power of scientific to improve the quality of life at different life stages”, we will continue to persist in innovative research and development, bringing more efficient anti-aging possibilities to more people.”

3. Moving Forward With Honour & Momentum

Let’s Fulfil Our Commitment to Health Together, Starting Now

Every recognition is a new starting point,

Every action is a new gain.

This award once again strengthens TIMESHOP’s pursuit to excellence.

Determination in creating a better life for our users.

“If aging is inevitable, then let it come slowly.”

“If aging cannot be avoided, then let us stride on with grace.”

Time flies, let us move forward together and challenge the concept of time!

*”anti-aging”mentioned in this article is a brand concept and does not represent the actual efficacy of any products.

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