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TimeShop has a wide range of aging interventions, with products that can precisely target different parts of the body, allowing users to meet their anti-aging needs, one-stop. At the same time, our brand attaches great importance to product quality and user experience. All TimeShop products are made using high-quality raw materials from all over the world, cooperating with factories that far exceed international standards. We promise to strictly adhere to international testing standards, and develop only high-quality products.

Step into our dream

Our Story

Wrapped in the wonderland of nature, there are tiny and magical substances, born without roots. Scientists discovered that they contain new powers and exude the charm of youth.

Therefore, a team of international top scientific researchers gathered in Hong Kong, adhering to, now, our brand’s motto, ”improving the quality of life at different stages using the power of science“, began the global search for high-quality anti-aging research and development. TIMESHOP was born.

Relying on the resource integration and R&D advantages of our scientific research team, as well as our rigorous scientific attitude, TIMESHOP products strictly adhere to international testing standards, with high-quality raw materials, high safety, precise targeting and other characteristics. With Hong Kong as our manufacturing and R&D centre, radiating the global marketing network, our products are very popular among anti-aging users. Live well, Choose well.

Our Target

At the forefront of global anti-aging achievements, backed by our scientific research team, we aim to transform them into nutritional products available for everyone. Dedicated in improving the quality of life at all age groups and to promote healthy longevity.


Improve the quality of life, With the power of Science


Continue  the search of valuable substances, and expand the endless possibilities of effective anti-aging

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