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TIMESHOP is anti-aging nutraceutical brand . A top scientific research team led by Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Jeffrey C. Hall, gathered in Hong Kong and set up an innnovation & research centre. Keeping up with international scientific research results, exploring effective anti-aging conventions around the world, exploring the world's best raw material sources, and maintaining the standards of manufacturing - dedicated in helping more people improve their quality of life.


TimeShop attaches great importance to product quality and user experience. All of our products are made from high-quality raw materials from around the world and are produced in factories that far exceed international standards. We promise to strictly adhere to international testing standards and develop high-quality products. At present, the brand has formed a market network with Hong Kong as its manufacturing and R&D center, radiating internationally.

Our Team

Our Scientific Research Team

A comprehensive team of experts covering fields such as, nutrition, food safety, immunity, molecular biology, biogenetic engineering and others in Hong Kong, adhering to now, TimeShop's motto, "improving the quality of life at different stages using the power of science", began the global search for high-quality anti-aging substances, transforming them into high-quality nutraceuticals products, and the goal to promote healthy longevity.

The Stars

Cutting-Edge Anti-Aging Ingredients

World leading anti-ageing ingredients backed by a large number of scientific studies. TimeShop's scientific research team is dedicated in transforming these latest scientific findings into effective nutritional supplements, leading a new era of personalised anti-aging solutions.

Personalised Solutions

Personalised Anti-aging Solutions

TimeShop provides health solutions suitable for all age groups and different dimensions of physical decline.

Women's 25+ Beauty From Within (6)

Men's 35+ For the Elites (7)

Elders 50+ Energy Vital (5)

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Here, you can learn about the latest anti-aging ingredients, nutritional knowledge and healthy lifestyles…