The brand’s first comprehensive anti-aging product with specialised Healive-X™️ formula, targeting the cells’ self-healing power! Self-healing power, or self-repairing power, is the innate ability of organisms to repair damage, defend against diseases and sub-health, and overall maintain life and health﹣self-defence, self-repair, and self-purifiy. Anti-aging is about reviving this self-healing power and maintaining the balance between damage and repair. Healive-X™️ is specially formulated to activate self-healing power in three steps: 1. Ergothioneine﹣enhance defenses to resist free radicals and toxins; 2. PPQ﹣enhances vitality to speed up repair; 3. Taxifolin, eliminate waste and senescent cells fromt he body to provide a clean and healthy environment. Combined with the classic Chinese Herbal Medicine, six colours of Ganoderma lucidum, regulates, nourishes, and revitalises the body.

Active Ingredient(s)

Ergothioneine, Healive-X™️ specialised formula, PQQ, Six colours of Ganoderma lucidum, Taxifolin

Quantity / Pkg

90 capsules

Suitable For

, , ,


2 capsules/day, recommended to be taken after meals


Chronically ill, Please consult a medical professional before use, Pregnant and Breast-Feeding Women

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