TimeShop NMN PRO – Duo Rejuvenation; Effectively boosts NAD+ and rejuvenate the skin. TimeShop’s best-selling 99.9% purity NMN, partnered with the PQQ. This golden pair magnifies the anti-aging effect and aids absorption, giving the ultimate cellular energy boost. Specialized beauty formula, containing the patented ingredient, Kanzan sakura extract, paired with hyaluronic acid. Duo beauty intervention – anti-glycation and melanin formation, moisturing and smoothing. Youthful beauty from the inside out.

Active Ingredient(s)

200mg 99.9% purity β-nicotinamide mononucleotide/capsule, Kanzan sakura, Multivitamins B, PQQ, Sodium hyalurnate

Quantity / Pkg

90 capsules

Suitable For

, , , , , , ,


1-2 capsule(s)/day


Chronically ill, Please consult a medical professional before use, Pregnant and Breast-Feeding Women

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