POWERBOOM, make her flower BLOOM! Specialised male formula, stimulating long-lasting vitality in three directions: 1. boost energy and muscle contraction, 2. nourish the liver and kidneys to restore vitality, 3. count on yourself by tackling men’s health at its roots. TIMESHOP’s male formula contains specialised ingredients including black ginger extract, L-arginine Changbai Mountain ginzeng extract and a variety of comprehensive nutrients. Black ginger, also famously known as the “Thai Ginzeng”, secret of the Muay Thai boxing champion, has been scientifically shown to increase the number of mitochondria, improve metabolic capacity, and promote blood flow in tissues; this paired with the Nobel prize approved ingredient, L-arginine, can not only assist in erection through the production of NO, but also participate in the regulation and circulation of the testicles and testoterone, regulate spermatogenesis, sperm motility and the ability of sperm fertilization. Last but not least, a 10 times concentrated ginseng extract and a variety of men’s comprehensive vitamins and minerals nourish “weakness and fatigue”, and continue to help maintain overall health, giving you the strength you need to carry on.

Active Ingredient(s)

Black ginger extract, Combination vitamins and minerals, Ginzeng extract, L-arginine

Quantity / Pkg

60 capsules

Suitable For

, , , , ,


3 capsules/day


Chronically ill, Not suitable for children, Please consult a medical professional before use

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