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Pursuing Quality Across a Thousand Mile TIMESHOP Astaxanthin’s Origin Journey

Pursuing Quality Across a Thousand Mile

TIMESHOP Astaxanthin’s Origin Journey

In the warm month of May, our team set off on a journey for health. Our “TIMESHOP Astaxanthin’s Origin Team” consisting of TIMESHOP Hong Kong General Manager, and colleagues from brand and product department, set out on a thousand mile journey to the deep mountain hinterland of Yunnan, Kunming Shilin Yi Nationality Autonomous County – one of the first national all-region tourist demonstration areas, on a journey of origin.

15:25PM The team arrives at Kunming Airport, Yunnan, boarded the coach and headed to our origin destination – “BGG astaxanthin Astazine® Haematococcus pluvialis Production & Cultivation Base”.

“BGG astaxanthin Astazine® Haematococcus pluvialis Production & Cultivation Base” is the largest astaxanthin raw material production plant in the world. At present, BGG World is focused on building a global industrial supply chain, with selected healthy raw materials from high-quality production areas around the world and providing products and services for internationally renowned customers.

Along the way, the scenery was spectacular. The original ecological system of this land, peculiar tone forest land forms, has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. As we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, bright sunshine and fresh hair, we couldn’t help but be moved by this perfect environment for excellent astaxanthin cultivation.

After an hour’s drive, we finally arrived at the cultivation site of TIMESHOP astaxanthin. Ms. Li Yanmei, Chief Scientist and CEO of BGG, and Ms. Zhang Peinan, Global Technical Director of BGG, warmly welcomed us. In our exchange, Ms. Li spoke highly of our TIMESHOP astaxanthin product that was recently listed: “This astaxanthin product is excellent, other than a great source of raw material, the dosage and content proportions are also very refined, lots of ingenuity and effectiveness.”

Next, let us follow the footsteps of our TIMESHOP origin team and appreciate the organic and pure quality of TIMESHOP!

1. Laboratory Visit – Delve into TIMESHOP Astaxanthin

Professional researchers analysed TIMESHOP astaxanthin’s ingredient advantage, production process and efficacy principle. It is reported that BGG’s astaxanthin has been verified by a number of international clinical efficacy and is currently used in many fields such as skin anti-aging, eye health, fatigue relief, sports nutrition, and cognitive function. [1][2][3]

2. “0” Distance Experience of TIMESHOP Astaxanthin Cultivation Environment

No.1: A pure cultivation environment is the key to Organic astaxanthin

The Haematococcus pluvialis Cultivation Base is located in a beautiful stone forest scenic area. The uniquely shaped stones shines a grey-white colour under the bright sun, shading their distinct and abstract structures. This pure and native environment, air and water not only ensure the safety and environmental friendly production of astaxanthin, but also its high purity and quality.

No.2: 3 major steps of fully enclosed pipeline cultivation – shielding against all pollutants

Indoor breeding stage: closed cultivation of Haematococcus pluvialis are grown a tightly controlled environment, temperature and nutrient concentration can affect the growth and reproduction of the algae.

Outdoor expansion stage: double row and single row glass tube expansion; in this process, water quality need to be strictly controlled to avoid pollution and nutrient deficiency.

Astaxanthin accumulation stage: during this process, astaxanthin helps Haematococcus pluvialis survive in harsh environments and resist external ultraviolet rays. Basically the algae no o=longer divides and changes from green to red.

3. On-site Organic Certifications & International Standards

Ms. Zhang Peinan, Global Technical Director of BGG, introduced: “With its high purity and consumption safety quality, Astazine® have obtained many international certifications such as USDA organic certification, US FDA, GRAs and other safety standards and certifications.”

After this journey to the roots, our Origin Team fully experienced the ingenuity of TIMESHOP’s R&D team in selecting the best raw materials. This ultimate pursuit of quality makes us firmly believe that TIMESHOP is trustworthy and a great chose for consumers.

TIMESHOP astaxanthin products have been certified by authoritative SGS safety organisation, to ensure safety: no heavy mental, no steroids. △


The Path to Anti-Aging Never Ends

We Continue the Search for More Possibilities

As a one-stop anti-aging brand from Hong Kong, TIMESHOP has always adhered to the brand’s motto, “using the power of scientific research to improve the quality of different stages of life”, with a rigorous scientific attitude, dedicated in providing consumers with cutting-edge nutritional products using high-quality ingredients, to achieve safe and precise aging interventions. At present, TIMESHOP is following these 3 visions: “top manufacturing and R&D centre, strict compliance with international testing standards, radiate global marketing networks”, a trinity of international cutting-edge anti-aging services, to provide products for our worldwide users, to “choose well, live well”.

Closely following the results of international scientific anti-aging research, TIMESHOP’s research team has been committed to the global search for higher quality, more natural, healthier ingredients. This TIMESHOP Astaxanthin’s Origin Journey has reinforced our confidence in long-term cooperation with BGG World, where we can jointly contribute to a future anti-aging industry, starting from the control of excellent raw materials. It is believed that a series of strategic cooperation will be continued in the future, sharing production-level core resources, industrial-level health services and building a more secure future for health, anti-aging and ecology.


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