TIMESHOP was interviewed by “Hong Kong 01”.

Emily Hui, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of TIMESHOP, was interviewed by Hong Kong 01 to explore the value of the TIMESHOP brand, its product advantages and its future development.

In the interview, he mentioned the difficulties he encountered in the early days of his business, and later changed his strategy and achieved success on e-commerce platforms, and then shared his experience in entering different offline platforms such as Watsons.
Emily also said that several of their young scientists have not forgotten the original intention of starting a business, and adhere to the brand concept of “using the power of scientific research to improve the quality of life at different stages”.
In the interview, he also mentioned the advantages of the patented production technology of TIMESHOP’s flagship product NMN, “pure biosynthesis (directed conversion of biological enzymes)”.

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